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Feb 1, 2024

We apologize, shipping is currently suspended until June 15th, 2024.

We are open for all inquiries and administration, however the store is closed.

We will re-open June 15, with an updated store, new product and affiliations.

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Inert training dummies

Welcome to Dummy Ammo Canada.  Canada's oldest and largest manufacturer of inert training aids.  Whether you are working in Firearms, Theatre, Film, Collecting, Props, Museum, Reloading, Display, or Training, Dummy Training Cartridges/Rounds are the only professionally accepted safe method to check firearm and magazine functioning. These dummies are manufactured to SAAMI and CIP specifications, replicating factory loaded ammunition.

About Us

Dummy Ammo Canada has manufactured and has supplied inert training dummies to municipal, provincial, federal, and international policing agencies, correctional services, border services, firearms safety training organizations, sportsmen, and enthusiasts in many commercially available calibres and gauges.

As the largest manufacturer in Canada, Dummy Ammo Canada will supply your choice of bullet in any profile, in any dummy. So, whether you require full metal jackets, spitzers, round nose lead or polymer, semi-wad cutters, wad cutters, semi-jacketed, or cast lead projectiles; Dummy Ammo Canada is here for you!

Dummy Ammo Canada is licenced to import and export inert training dummies internationally.

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100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction

Proud suppliers to the Canadian Forces, Ministries of the Environment, Corrections, Natural Resources, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Calgary Police, Peel Regional, Durham Forensics; Canadian Firearms Program; OF Mossberg & Sons; Caracal Firearms, and the Provincial Firearms Safety and Hunter Education organizations, you are all valued clients. As always remember our product is 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, if it does not, please contact us immediately for a replacement.
Dummy Ammo Canada manufactures inert training dummies in many commercially available calibres and gauges.
100% inert, distinctly colored, and easily identifiable, these dummies completely eliminate the dangers associated with live ammunition and accidental discharge.