Dummy Ammo Canada Inc


Shipping & Handling

Canada Post will not ship Dummy Ammo, it is in contravention to the Postal Act, and Regulations. Specifically, "the Non-mailable Matter Regulations SOR 90/10 Section 7 states the following items to be prohibited: Replica or inert munitions, as well as other devices that simulate explosive devices or munitions, including replica or inert grenades or other simulated military munitions, whether or not such items are for display purposes.

We too think this is silly, but cannot forego our business to contravene the Regulations, therefore - all deliveries are made via Courier - directly to your door.

Please note: Couriers do NOT deliver to PO boxes, only to street addresses. Please be sure to included your street mailing address for courier delivery, as well as any special instructions that may be required.

Dummy Ammo Canada is located in Ontario, Canada, and we ship worldwide where permissible. Flat rate across Canada is now 25.00 for 2 lbs or less, and increases in 5 dollar increments as the weight goes up. British Columbia and the north may expect increases shipping charges when and only if necessary.

Dummy Ammo Canada packages and ships your purchase via the most economical means. We will not "pad" your bill with shipping charges, if they do not apply.

Please contact us if you wish a real-time quote before purchasing.

Thank you

International rates are available on request and we would be happy to provide a shipping quote before you place your order. Please contact us at info@dummyammo.ca